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What Is A Landing page?

The purpose of a landing page is to attract organic search engine traffic for a specific set of keywords and key phrases. Once visitors land on the landing page, they will see content that is relevant to their search. These pages are designed to be engaging, informative, create high interest and then convert through links to the appropriate product/service page(s) on the main website, thus creating a great opportunity to convert visitors to new clients.

The Process…

Step 1: Build the Landing Pages

We build the landing pages using content from your exiting website. Addressing the category (example: plumber) and city/cities and/or states you request.

Step 2: Optimize the Landing Pages

We optimize the landing pages with the primary keywords and key phrases so people searching “what you offer” in “your target city” will see the organic, indexed, local listing (landing page) on the first page.

Local Listing Timeline

Step 3: Submit and Verify Local Listings

The landing pages we optimized with the primary keywords and key phrases that best represents what you do are submitted to Google to crawl and verify the organic, indexed, local listings (landing pages).

NOTE: Once the landing pages are submitted it’s up to Google to crawl them (7-14 days). Once crawled, the organic listing may show up several pages deep. A first page search result can take up to 30-90 days (See Above Graph). In addition, there are other variables that can cause delays on a first page search result; depending on the cities, categories and various factors; such as size of city, number of locations, size of business, and number of competitors.

If at the end of day 60, you are not coming up on a first page search result, we will continue optimization efforts for another 30 days. If for whatever reason, you are still not coming up on at least 50% of the first page search results of your chosen city/cities and/or state at the end of 90 days, you will receive a full refund of all monthly fees – NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

How Can We Guarantee This? Simple – We Deliver.

First Page Pros has developed revolutionary local SEO strategy that slashes the timeframe for (SEO) search engine optimization campaigns and the man hours required to run them.

This allows us to keep the costs down, passing the savings on to our clients. Our propitiatory strategy has been expertly crafted to enable us to target local keywords across the nation in mass.

Allowing for optimization of Google’s maximum 150 characters, five keyword phrases (that’s a lot of keywords), to millions of potential consumers within days.

Our propitiatory process enables us to tackle the (SEO) search engine optimization market with targeted and incredibly fast results. Search engines quickly recognize and rank the listings due to our dynamically created local SEO landing pages. There is nothing that works better or faster. Nothing!

Step 4: Listings Appear in Search Results

When your listing has been verified, it will appear immediately in the search results, but typically not on the first page. We continue the optimization process so your listing can quickly climb to the first page rankings.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Google has a system of checks and balances in place to ensure that the results they display are (and continue to be) the most relevant. Viability of the listing is “tested” extensively and it’s not uncommon to see the listing “bounce around” the first page, sometime even dropping off momentarily. Rest assured that we are on top of it, and working to pass the “tests”!

Once the listing has passed its tests, we initiate optimization of additional keywords which fall under your selected category. This will include variations of the primary keyword and closely related alternatives.

Step 5: First Page Placement

Landing pages normally start appearing within the first top 7 Search Results after about 30 days. Even if a search engine optimization (SEO) process was done flawlessly in a given time and this will bring the landing pages on the first page, nobody and nothing can guarantee that it will remain there forever. Increasing competition for top spots and first page search results periodically change, the indexing algorithms are a constant threat to your position in the top rankings.

Therefore, besides the traditional subscription audit and consultancy, our team has developed proven strategies and solutions for optimizing the landing pages. More specifically, we update your landing page optimization elements (links, tags, content) changes depending on the indexing criteria of search engines.

Another way to help our clients stay on the first page, not just to get there, is by registering the landing pages in probably the most consistent package of portals and web directories in the US, about 750 currently, to ensure optimization and a first page result.

Using these methods, you will be able to focus on your business while our team of specialists keep the landing pages on the first page and above the competitors. Contact us to learn more about landing pages.

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